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How to Choose a Faucet


Once in awhile, a kitchen or bathroom needs a new faucet. This could be caused by one of several unfixable problems. If the faucet cracks, loses its finish or becomes discolored, it should be replaced.  Sometimes, older internal parts can’t be replaced to bring the faucet back up to functionality. Also, the aerator threads can wear down too much or become so corroded they can’t be cleaned.

Or maybe you just don’t like the old faucet anymore.

Pay attention to the number of holes in the deck and make sure you have a fair idea of spacing dynamics before you shop. There can be from one to four holes in a sink deck. You might need an escutcheon to cover the ‘spare holes’. A few homes have wall-mounted faucets, and if yours is one, you’ll want to stick with that option.

A single handle is the most convenient option for mixing water, but some people don’t like them because they want the control two handles offers.

Spout height and style


If you have a window, shelf or cabinet, you may not have the clearance for an arc-style faucet spout. But if you use the sink to clean large items, having the space an arc affords is incredibly helpful. If you have a three-bowl sink, you’ll want a faucet which can reach all three bowls.You can also get a sprayer, either a side sprayer, or one which is integrated into the faucet itself. If you get an integrated sprayer, you can turn the old sprayer hole into a soap dispenser. Integrated sprayers have proven themselves to be more reliable and less apt to leak than side sprayers.

The right finish

Usually, when a homeowner chooses a metallic finish for a faucet, it should be one which complements the other hardware in the kitchen or bath. Drawer pulls, towel bars, light fixtures, or any other metallic elements can be copied or complemented. If your faucet doesn’t match, it will look weird. While chrome is the most durable, some homeowners opt for black or white in the kitchen--either wrought iron black, matte black, or a glacier or ivory white.



A less expensive faucet is going to be a lower grade of quality. The wiser option is to pay a little more for a better-quality faucet without getting into the high-end faucets. If you opt for an expensive faucet, be very confident that the features it offers are ones you need. Otherwise, a middle-of-the-road price will probably get you a great faucet which will last a long time..


When installing your new faucet, follow the instructional manual, particularly about not over tightening specific components, which can split if they’re over tightened and cause a leak or flood.


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